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Most people know the newspapers as the only source of job vacancies and thus will not attempt looking at any other place for them. A quick reminder here for them, ‘employers don’t advertise jobs to pay Kshs. 10,000 for an advert for an employee he will pay less than a six digit figure.’ Most employers find it uneconomical to incur high expenses to advertise a wide calibre of jobs. These same employers end up advertising the available vacancies through their intranet but as a result, they create another vacancy by hiring from within. We have a solution to this.
Employers now send directly jobs to us and we advertise them for FREE. To get the latest jobs and vacancies in Kenya and around East Africa you have to check this site every 4 hours because new (hundreds of jobs) vacancies are created every hour. Besides all this enjoy the following:
v  Free access to all jobs and vacancies available in Kenya and East Africa as a whole. These will be the latest because our database updates its contents every 4 hours.
v  Register your email for FREE daily updates of the available vacancies and access links to these jobs. In this way you can access a few jobs everyday and this will send you straight to more jobs.
v  Once you have applied for a job and you get an interview date, you may lose the details of the job but you can always get it in our archive and get the nifty gritty of the vacancy.
v  You can access links to other employers through our blog and other services offered in the blog. Please visit it to enjoy the best of all there is in the job market.
There are many more merits of our FREE services. Please refer friends to it and help others grow.
Thank you.

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