Hi, Please explain to me the difference between a good job and a bad job?

             Motivation is always behind a good feeling. The feelings that are developed while doing something is what motivates an individual into contributing more to the course he wants to follow. This is the basis of a good job – motivation is key.
There isn’t much of a reference to a ‘bad job’ because there are so many considerations we take before we accept a job. This consideration is what goes into it as a motivation. Generally a bad job is something you don’t enjoy doing. While it may satisfy you in other ways, it is hard to stay ‘inside’.

Give me tips to getting the right job.

              In Kenya and East Africa as a whole, the human capital market is quite volatile but to get a job and the right one for that matter takes a few things:

a)    Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
b)    Align yourself to a job market and specific industry although be dynamic.
c)    Identify the companies and firms in the market segment you earlier aligned yourself with
d)    Update your CV as often as possible.
e)    Drop them! Drop them! Drop them!

How do I get prepared for an interview?

Once you have been called for an interview, all you should do is ‘look at it’ as a normal meeting of a ‘blind date friend’ Of course you may or may not know the interviewer, in fact if you don’t the better. Approach cautiously while learning your interviewer(s)’ mood and play along it. All that there is in an interview is:

a)    Be smart and sparkling clean
b)    Be on time. At least 15-30 minutes earlier.
c)    Be relaxed around the venue.
d)    Know the location quite earlier to avoid 11th hour logistical problems.
e)    Your hand shake should be business oriented.
f)     Look strong and confident.
g)    Carry an extra copy(ies) of your CV in case the panel doesn’t have one
h)    Maintain eye contact on all interviewers equally while answering the questions but give more to the one asking the questions while he is doing so.
i)     Wait until the end of the question to start answering.
j)     Ask a few intelligent questions. Don’t give answers that seem to have been read somewhere. 
k)    Be prepared.

You will get the job.

Tell me how to move from a boring job to a more interesting one?

              First, a job is boring if it does not motivate you. If there is any consideration you give to a job then it is not boring but rather not motivating enough for you. All we can advise is that ‘do not leave a job if you haven’t found another one yet.’
              To get the right job, just try to settle in your current job to some percentage while you throw your net far and wide into the sea. Identify your target market and register with a job site like
www.kenyanvacancies.com for daily job updates and choose what you will like to be.

               Be sure you will get an interesting job.

Which is the best paying job?

               Every job pays well depending on the circumstances but according to the latest Human Resource SurveysActuarial Science is the best in the market right now but if you position yourself well in the market you will be the best paid.
               The approach to looking for a good salary is varied among different people. Different people look for different thing in a job. Whatever you want today whether it is pay, you will get it if you have the right thoughts. Ever watched a movie called ‘The Secret’? Please do if not. Everything is in the power of attraction.

Give me a job?

              We will show you where the jobs are. All you need to do is keep checking the site www.kenyanvacancies.com for the latest and send us your email to kenyanvacancies@gmail.com for alerts on the latest jobs.

               Please send us any questions that you have to the above email and we will be glad to answer it for FREE. 

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